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economic recovery. retailers have known what four-letter word gets people to spend, and high discounts in june prou producing a big rise in sales in 12 years smrks stores did better such as costco, with a 14% jump. also, saks, and khol's. spending spilled into electronics. >> customers are jumping on to smart phones, some cost range from $200 to 300s skpdz they're comfortable. >> the economy may not be all rosie yet wech spoke to golden gate university's kit yarrow via skype. >> i don't think suddenly people are feeling fancy free. it's more snapping up bargains. >> you can see people loaded down with shopping bags but see moms like amy reader with her four kids, on the move -- unmoved by deep discounts. >> i try not to buy on
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clearanceance too much. i noticed i'd buy a ton of stuff. half would never get used. >> this college student is facing higher tuitions and book costs. >> i've got to pay rent and things like that. i just -- don't have the money to spend on, you know, nice clothes or a bunch of pretty jewelry autos retailers may have to raise prices soon. >> between high prices they're facing for all of the components of the products they want to sell, and the very super bargain mentality of consumers they're between a rock and hard place. >> navid owns 24 mobile phone kiosks and he's restored sales jobs cut during the down turn. >> we've had a pretty good bounce back. but the recession is not over. >> we'll take some positive news but will have to track the consumer's wallets. in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> and the picasso pempblg fld the wall of an art gallery is in custody, so is the suspected thief this, video helped track him down. and abc 7 is live where this started. don? >> yes. and that video shows the suspect in this gallery, leaving this gallery with that stolen picasso. tonight it's back, and the suspect is in jail z inside of the gallery, there is a lot of relief. >> i've been so squared and roland says he's relieved waits not damaged. it's the head of a woman, a pencil drawing from 1965, worth around $250,000. and police have arrested a 31-year-old from nnl engineer. they say he walked into the gallery, took the work off the wall, left, then grabbed a cab. lugo captured on this
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surveillance video next door. >> this surveillance video helped us identify the individual. he also, the cab driver also helped us locate the area where he was staying. >> he was staying in the hotel bar, but he wasn't there. they found him in napa. and that is where police recovered the drawing and fed yochl book them say it appears he was preparing to send it to a buyer. >> i don't know whot buyer could be. it's not anything you can take to market. >> video has been an important tool in this case. >> i would encourage any business in the city and anything you can do, only help us make our investigations quickly. >> union square businesses plan to put security cameras on the streets, soon. they'd rallied to support winestein. >> there is a dispatch center. any time crime gets reported to us we send out an alert
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that says this just happened. and be on the lookout. >> i says security will be increased and he is installing cameras and won't change how he does business. >> to make work available, you can walk by and see it. >> will be a week before he gets it back. and lugo has been held in lieu of $5 million in county jail. >> oakland police officers ratified a contract with the city that will put more cops back on the streets. under the renegotiated contract, oakland officer as agreed to pay 9% of their pension plan and benefits will be lower for rookie officers. these concessions from police and three other unions will save the city $40 million per year. the new deal means 22 laid off cops will be rehired.
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>> there are 22 officers unemployed, sitting home, not having money coming into their families and bringing them back as a who. i was hoping to bring back 44 officers. but i'm happy. i think they'll be happy and proud of the officer autos police officers are humans, too. they have real situations and selfs. so they're digging down deep to help out the city. >> the chief says retired officers will be back on the streets by early august. >> the sentencing has been suggestions the key witness may have lied on the stand. the attorney told the tribune his client may have committed quote a little bit of frab rix, end quote on the stand. the revelation prompted a judge to delay the sentencing of yusef bey the 4th. and he testified he killed
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bailey on orders from bey. he is serving 25 year in exchange for his testimony. >> the man shot and killed by bart police at civic center station sunday night has been identified. the 45-year-old charles hill, police say he had no known residence. a passenger witnessing the shooting has become the first to share what she saw. she told bay citizen hill was not running or lunging at the officer who's shot him and didn't think it made sense and described hill as a quote, drunk hippy who moved like frankenstein. bart says one officer had a taser that was not used. >> there is a new push to abolish the death penalty here in california. this time the arguments are not focused owe on moral issues but financial ones. and. >> gal gal -- california voters could decide the fate of more than 700 notorious
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criminals locked up in death row. >> capitol punishment is an expensive failure. >> the assembly public safety committee approved an initiative that would abolish the death penalty in california making the most severe punishment someone could get is life in prison without parole arks plying not only to few you're crimes but change sentences of those on death row now to permanent imprisonment. opponents say we cannot afford $184 million per year price tag. >> california's death row is the largest and expensive in the united states and is not helping protect our people. it's helping to bankrupt us. >> a recent report found death penalty cost taxpayers $4 billion since reintated in 1978. and only 13 people have been executed since then. none since 2006 because lethal
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injection is x challenged. lorraine lost her twin boys in an east oakland shooting 11 years ago and think that's money could pay for more officer autos my boys' cases remain unsolved at the moment because of lack of funding. >> law enforcement opposes abolishing the death penalty. they believe it helps save cops' live autos if someone is going kill a cop they know they're going face a death sentence. it's going to protect that police officer. >> victims' rights groups are upset about the possibility of changing sentences of inmates to something they consider lighter. >> how to go to them and say... that all though you thought you received justice, sorry. we're going to take that away now. >> governor brown opposes capitol punishment. if it does get on the desk, it will be interesting to see what he does. because last year, nearly three and five of the supporters favor the death penalty n sacramento, abc 7
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news. >> some landlords in san francisco are concerned about a proposal they say would force them to rent to ex-cons. the city human rights commission wants to change codes to keep former owe greshds on the right track. and we have the story. carolyn? >> accord tg san francisco human rights commission, nearly seven million californians have been arrested or convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony. commissioners say that makes it hard for them to find housing. but this proposed solution is is meeting resistance. lafayette works in the garden outside san bruno jail. he was released in january. now, he needs housing. he says no one will rent to him. >> they want to do a credit report and police report. and you know, it's just hard. and it's -- they don't want
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to -- you never get a call back. >> the human rights commission wants to add people like thomas, with arrest records to categories like race, religion, and sexual orientation when it comes to prohibiting housing discrimination. >> what we're doing is giving people a chance to turn their lives around. >> teresa sparks is the executive director. >> we're not going to force something to someone down someone's throat if there is a legitimate reason and this is because we're arrested five or 10 years ago that is not a reason not to rent to them. >> it has support of the d.a.and other who's say studies show stable housing and employment reduce the rates, but land lords are talking about sue oogt city of san francisco is again trying to legislate in an arena controlled by the federal government. >> the executive director of the san francisco apartment association believes the
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federal law is already clear. >> you can't discriminate against people when they come to rent an apartment. under the current... federal fair housing laws. >> so, would that make this a moot point? >> in my opinion, it would make it a moot point. >> and this father of four says he keeps getting turned away. >> it's hard. you know? just keep looking and trying. >> human rights commission ace antidiscrimination proposal covers employment as well as housing. and there will be two forums so you, the public, can weigh in. >> and find out why a grand jury is railing against massive central subway project. >> what happened today that isn't sitting well with supporters of medical marijuana.
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>> fog clears from the coast. preparing for a warm day and cooler days follow. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> what banks know about checks that you don't. we'll let you in on the secret. 7 on your side is coming up. you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco subway plan needs to be scrapped and resigned. the report says the project does not answer the transportation problems and does not reduce rating expenses. the $1.6 kbrinl subway designed to extend the metro service from financial district to chinatown but
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criticized the proposed root saying it would worsen the ontime performance rate. predicting it will add to the deficit, may push transit maintenance to quote, the breaking point. >> the family of a san ramone man who went missing after his home cap sized is waiting for word after the coast guard searched another 500 square miles of water today. this is a photo of lee with other fishermen the night before they took off on the trip. it's the last photo of the men together. bruce marr survived and is going to meet with lee's family tonight as he returns from mexico. >> and i know bruce doesn't want to do that. he's one miff dad's very best friends. i know this is really hard on him. >> lee's family is urging congress woman jackie speier to get a dive team to search the sunken boat. >> medical marijuana supporters demonstrated
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outside of the federal building today, inside a pot grower is facing charges. all of this comes as the justice department signaled there could be a crack down down on the cult vacation of pot even for medical purposes. protesters chanted as a hearing went on inside to determine the fate of the lake county resident allowed to grow medical mayor but is now facing drug charges. and neither would talk, but supporters say no plea deal was reached today it and appears he's headed to trial. >> this case has gone on almost three years now, taking every penny that scott has. >> and what happens here today is just the second set back of late for medical marijuana supporters. the obama administration made it clear ill will not allow
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large-scale growing operations. in a letter to federal prosecutors, deputy attorney general wrote persons who are in the business of cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana and those who knowingly facilitate the activities under violation of the controlled substances act regardless of state law. >> i think it will give some officials pause and slow down some. but... some will stand up. >> and that is what oakland appears to be doichblgt the city was considering allowing four warehouses and despite the letter, the city council public safety committee will consider next week a scaled down version, limiting spaces to 25,000 square feet. the mayor says the federal letter did not help clarify legalities for cities like hers. >> it's been an ongoing struggle to get the laws in sync. so... it's just another ongoing part of the battle. >> and so, for oakland,
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medical marijuana continues to be a hazy issue. >> and temperatures dropping down just a little bit. >> i hope you're enjoying it yes. yes. >> this spt the beginning of a steady cool down. interest tl is a cool down today. and others still toasty. and the big cool down comes over the weekend. there is a live view now from our east bay hills camera. there is that marine layer beginning to push on to the bay now. skies mainly clear inland. here is a look at the satellite close up, you can see clearing along the coast to the north thanks to a dry flow beginning to push low dloudz cloudz and fog away from the coastline resulting in a bit of a warm up. right now, temperatures inland into 70s and 80 s, antioch, 92 degrees, 60 in san francisco.
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58 in half moon bai. fog on the coast pushing locally into the bay tonight. another warm day inland tomorrow, then, cooling area wide beginning this weekend and continues for a whim. overnight tonight low temperatures mainly into mid to upper 50s to near 60 inland. and pulling back on what's happening into the atmosphere. center of high pressure pushing eastward and nosing inlnld. clockwise circulation on that high is producing a dry northerly flow for us along the coastline, push waig a marine layer, pushing away cooling influence. we'll start at 5:00 in the morning and watch how fog disappears as we get into mid morning. so we'll end up with sunny skies, coast to inland tomorrow. highs low to mid 60s and 70s and 80s inland and mid-90s inland tomorrow, but that should be the end of mid-90s, south bay, skies will be
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sunny. highs ranging from 84 to 86 to 92 at los gatos. and there is 62 at half moon bay. downtown approaching 70 degrees tomorrow, 69 should be the high. 63 into sunset district. highs 86 in novato. and 90 in calistoga. 94 clear lake. and there is highs pushing into upper 70s and 80s, inland east bay, mid-90s across the board. and there is 95 in brentwood z there is 76 in santa cruz. 90s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. after one more day of mid 90 degree weather, we'll see highest inland readings around 90 on saturday, and then, cooling continuing throughout the weekend and into next week
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by mid week next week, inland highs only into low 80s, low 70s around the bay. just upper 50s on the coast. there is a reminder of the aids walk, san francisco, held in just 10 days on sunday, july 17th in golden gate park. you can get details there. >> good deal, thank you. >> and just ahead here tonight there is a major decision on the expansion of a highway. >> running through a
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a judge ordered caltrans to stop its plan to realign a highway through richardson
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grove state park. caltrans wants to widen parts of the road to allow larger trucks to pass through. environmentalists sued, saying the ro project will damage tree roots, making may kill redwoods. caltrans believes it can do work without serious harm to the tree buzz there is a injunction ordering caltrans to stop work until the hearing. the spokesman says they're disappointed but stand by their plan. >> a big honor for uc berkeley named number two university in the world in academics, just released the rachgings, harvard taking the top spot, berkeley follow bid sfan ford, m.i.t.and camebridge in britain. ucla taking the 11th spot. based on quality of education and faculty, including numbers of alumni and staff winning nobel prize. >> nasa's final space shuttle
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launch is running into problems. there is a live picture now from cape canaveral. you can see it's raining. that is threatening to delay the launch. a lightning strike caused brief concern. apparently the water tower about 500 feet from the pad and engineers say the space ship is okay. and there is only a 30% chance of favorable weather so it's iffy. nasa has until sunday to get atlantis into orbit. otherwise it will have to wait until next weekend. >> the debt crisis showdown in washington, d.c.. the key players getting together, and are they any closer to a deal? >> also, it's sentencing day for casey anthony. when she'll get out of jail and a juror explain yz they cannot convict her. plus... >> you just do what you have to do. to survive. >> held against her will nearly two decades, jaycee dugard talks about her
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good evening in, washington tonight a deal to raise the nation's debt limit may be near. >> republicans and democrats are hinting they could come to an agreement in the next couple days. >> mark this, has been a tough, controversial. >> the president met with the congressional leadership today and has challenged republicans and democrats to come up with a big deal. $4 trillion worth. the catch? both sides have to hold their nose. the president calling the meeting with congressional leaders constructive but both sides need to give. >> everybody acknowledged that there is going to be pain involved plitly. >> for republican that's means capping deductions for wealthy, cutting subsidies to oil and gas, and ending tachlg breaks
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for business autos republican reaction? >> we, as republicans are not going to support tax increases. >> for democrats, it means social security, medicare and medicaid. all on the table. house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> house democrats are not supporting any cuts in benefits for social security or medicare. >> and reports of what sk considered isn't technically a cut in social security. it's a reduction to the way the government calculates cost of living increases. pelosi is balking at that. >> any savings should be plowed back into making social security strong in the same applies to medicare as well. >> and. >> in the end, everybody is scared about missing that deadline. >> saying failure would lead to another resection, and
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compromise will hurt both parties, it could actually help the president get reelected. >> having people that are in, on the left wing of the party angry at obama is the kind of credential obama wants to take into swing states. >> the speaker told reporters he thought there was a 50-50 chance a deal could be struck over the weekend. nancy pelosi had this reaction. >> i'm glad to hear he said that. i certainly hope so. i think so. >> and so you heard her say she, too, believes there is a 50-50 chance of a deal z congressional staffers are continuing to work on a compromise, and there is another meeting with the president set for sunday. >> hard-fought deal turks very much. >> and two days after being found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, casey anthony received a maximum sentence for lying to police. the judge sentenced her to four years today and fined her $4,000 for providing false information. a court official says she'll are released wednesday after
6:32 pm
crediting for time served and good behavior, one juror says she believes prosecutor koz have won a guilty verdict if they had brought a lesser charge than first degree murder. >> they charged her with other things we probably could have convicted or got a guilty sentence but not for first degree. there is not enough to substantiate that. a small group of pro dwrefrts gathered outside, some in athat group want the group to make public the names of the jurors. >> she spent 18 years in prisoned in a secret backyard compound, now, jaycee dugard is speaking about what she endured in years after being kidnapped by phillip and nancy gareed yochl we have a look at an exclusive interview. >> you just do what you have to do. to survive. >> in an interview with abc news, jaycee dugard speaks for the first time about her
6:33 pm
kidnapping at age 11 and 18 years she spent et locked up in the antioch backyard of phillip and nancy garrido. during those years, she says she was never allowed to say, or write her real name and spent nights chained to the bed and gave birth to two daughters fathered by gaireedo. >> august 13th, your how old? >> 14. >> you're in labor and there is nobody there. having a baby in a backyard. >> yup. di. >> she says the garridoes studied videos to learn how to deliver a baby and never allowed her to see a doctor or go school but the moment her first daughter was born, dugard says she found new strength. >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. had someone that was mine.
6:34 pm
i wasn't alone. and i knew i could never let anything happen to her. >> dugard, who has only a fifth grade education did her best to educate her daughters, schooling them from 10:00-2:00 while the three were imprisoned in the secret compound. dugard was missing her own mother who cautions parents never to take their kids for granted. >> it's a good lesson. you know? take a minute for your kids. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> now, you can see the interview in a two-hour prime time special sunday night at 9:00 rite here on abc 7. >> and a hugely popular british tabloid is abruptly shut doung because of a growing phone hacking scandal, will publish the last edition sunday after losing many advertisers. the tabloid has been accused of hacking into voice mails of a murdered school girl and
6:35 pm
families of soldiers killed in afghanistan as well as families of terror victims. this took papers's 200 staffers by surprise. >> the practices of certainly individuals did not live up to the standards and quality of journalism that we believe in, and i believe in. and this company believes in. >> and there is word a former editor and a senior journalist about to be arrested and questioned. revenue from the final issue will go to charity. >> rangers will not try to capture or kill a grizzly bear that killed a hiker yesterday in yellow stone national park. a southern california man was hiking with his wife on a trail when they came face-to-face with a grizzly, and her cubs. the couple walk wade but saw the bear a second time and it charged them, killing the husband. the woman escaped serious injury. it's the first fatal attack by a bear inside of the park in 25 years. >> still to come tonight, caught in the middle of a
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class of check cashing scheme. >> they let the money go. now they're blaming me because i took the money out. >> next from 7 on your side, the bad check, and a bank's decision one woman says wiped out her savings. more still to come.
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we want to report now on a common misconception about cashing a check. >> this is one of the main reasons scammers are able to
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steal millions of dollars. there is a warning for use this is not officially a secret. i bet you don't know about it. and the bank puts a hold on it z that is what happened, it's what happens after the hold that caught many of us off guard. >> she's looking for a job. she got excited when finally found one she liked on craig's list. >> and i was at work and april 7th i received an e mail. >> she was sent this check to purchase a new lap top and software for her home office. she deposited the money at the bank of the west and waited for the check to clear. then, she did what she was told, wiring the money to a distributor to purchase office equipment. >> now an hour and a half later i found out the check was counterfeit and that
6:40 pm
covers all of our bounced check autos her savings have been depleted. >> i was surprised. you'd figure if a bank holds a check, that they're waiting to make sure the check is good. >> the bank of the west told her that they were only following the law. consumer action says holds are governed by something called regulation cc. >> bank hold being removed and funds being made available isn't the same thing as saying the check has been verified and good. that provides an avenue for scammers. >> and and there is a hold on any amount up to $5,000. and the bank is required to hold. >> you have to speak with the bank to make sure it's gone back to originating institution. and that can sometimes exceed two week autos he says any time you're asked to wire money, it's likely a scam.
6:41 pm
bonnie is still blaming the bank. >> they let the money dwo. now they're blaming me because i took the money out oo. and he says banks to owe need to do a better job making a distinction between releasing a hold and dewhat clairing the check good. >> the hold time is not the same thing. once removed, it might be only the first step in finding out whether this check is for real. >> now, how many people are out there? bank of the west declined to comment other than sending us a comment of regulation cc. >> i don't think anyone would know that. >> thanks. >> yes. right. >> and a treatment helped people has gone to the dogs. >> it was like we had a new dog. >> there is a procedure
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sure, pulling the mold, ldntew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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a museum dedicated to promoting trek nolg has fallen
6:45 pm
victim to hackers saying a hacker captured up to 800 names and home phone addresses as well as telephone numbers. information posted to twitter friday, before being taken down. the hacker tweeted some homophobic slurs and says twitter has been working with them on the incident and they've notified those member buzz police have not been called until abc 7 news asked the museum has now decided to report the crime. >> and there was a dog day afternoon today, pet owners there with dogs and cats to get their animals implanted with free microchips because state senator ted lu proposed a bill requiring all newly adopted or impounded pets to be fitted with the chips making it easy to reunite lost pets with owners. >> there is 30 days to microchip the pet fchl you have a pet and then you lose your dog or cat and then find
6:46 pm
in a shelter later same law applies. >> and he says there is a one in 10 chance a pet without a chip will be returned to the owner. those with chips end up back home almost 57% of the time. -- 75% of the time. >> a surgical procedure is an option for pets now. a bay area veterinarian is hope helping to pioneer disc replacement for dogs. patching her dog is still a thrill when she thinks back to three years ago. >> he started falling over. he'd turn suddenly, like going to go chase something, then just fall. >> a deteriorating disc was pressing on the spine. and several vets advised her would it spread to his body. >> 100% we would have had to put it down. >> but she found a
6:47 pm
veterinarian who was conducting a trial of an artificial disc replacement that still relatively new in human autos so we thought why don't we try knit dogs, works pell in people. dogs have the same disease humans have. >> and they designed this disc system for dogs after removing the damaged disc, there is a slot in the vertebrae. that device is then used to place the artificial disc while allowing normal movement. >> this is in place he says it avoids some of the side affects of final disc fusion. and there is a cost that runs about $500. discs have been implanted in fewer than a dozen animals he says results are encouraging. >> first two patients there is
6:48 pm
a poll up after three years with mri after two years. mri shows that this is well in place. >> there is his age to be 13 or 14. we adopted him around nine. he had surgery around 10. like we had a new dog. >> good boy. goodbye. >> and this trial is now expanding and he hopes to have additional data on disc replacement incoming month autos interesting. he looked like he was doing well. >> back now this thundershower update the forecast. >> and we'll stwart a time lapse view from our high definition mount tam cam this afternoon. you can see a finger of fog pushing through into afternoon hours, will be more of that spilling inland tonight but not much tomorrow. high temperatures today up to 96 degrees in livermore.
6:49 pm
94 in antioch and 95 in morgan hill. cooler in other locations just 80s up into the north bay. there is mid-90s again and not much after that. and once again, 94 in bonk yord and there is things cooling down across the bay area, weekend if you're heading out to tahoe, sunny skies with highs into upper 70s, and here is our accu-weather forecast. no more mid 90s, maybe up to 90 in warmest spots saturday then, a cool down continues into next week z we'll take a look at highs only into low 0s. about 70 around the bay and upper. >>s on the coast. it's a significant cool down. >> sure is. thank you. >> and life during a lockout.
6:50 pm
>> how a star running back is giving back totototototototototo
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there is a look at top seven stories now. stay connected 24-7 at abc 7
6:53 pm >> and after you finished online, hope you can join me tonight coming up then, surgeons performing a synthetic organ transplant. now a man is apparently cancer free. >> then at 11:00 survivors of a fishing boat in mexico are saying goodbye and heading home. this ordeal coming to an end for 16 of the men. >> tonight sad news. >> yes. collin rush is in for larry tonight. >> it's not the story i wanted to start with. and dick williams led the franchise to the first profession has pass wade at age 82. williams managed for 21 season was six clubs, and of course,
6:54 pm
he'll be remembered here for what he did in 1972 and 1973, leading a's to back to back titles. and to the current a's and emotion of moscoso, pitching in an a's win over seattle. today, he was sent to triple a to make room for pitch outfielder josh willingham. they both activated off the d.l.. take a look. a fan in texas tonight that, is where a's are. no word on his condition. didn't look good. there is currently we're in the 6th. and this is a great story. former cal sea hawk mar shawn lynch making his presence felt off the field announcing expansion of his fan first
6:55 pm
family foundation with a plan to open a nonprofit youth center. lynch joined in the venture by his cousin, josh johnson and former cal tro ducts and i had to ask a question. >> more hemable moment for you. epic touchdown run this year? or 2006 memorial stadium? >> neither one of them. i was in high school. at the oakland coliseum. i had a 46 yard touchdown. and that won a super bowl game. it would beat skyline. i'm going have to go with them. >> he stump immediate with that answer. and not what i was looking for. as for his cousin, rumors swirling when this lockout
6:56 pm
ends. >> if would you like to play for harbaugh again? >> i am here, i played for him once. we had a good relationship together. and this has to do something. >> yeah. woe love to be a 49er. paula kramer wo will have to win until tomorrow to begin the u.s. open. thunderstorms and there is is a great approach, ending up knocking in the birdie putt and tied for lead. and there is is a john deere classic. the guy can still play. and there is a tap in birdie love a seven under 64.
6:57 pm
and there is gorgeous. longest of the tour, 141 miles of pain there is a sprint to the finish. and there is giants finishing a game with san diego tonight. brian wilson giving a thousand junior giants brand new baseball gloves. and we like whit he's giving out glove autos that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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